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Via Romen

The Romany (Gypsy) musical legacy is most notably characterized by its clever synthesis of known musical genres with the lesser known or unknown. VIA ROMEN is the embodiment of this legacy, of lacing tradition with novelty and offering unprecedented interpretations of that which we already know.


VIA ROMEN is a US-based ensemble whose music and dances are rooted in the Russian-Romany tradition. They enchant audiences with intricate improvisations, catchy tunes and flashy footwork.

Founded in 2004, Via Romen has performed to glowing reviews across North America and has established itself as the continent’s premier Russian-Romany (Gypsy) group.

Nuevo Russian–Romany Music is a new style, the original creation of Via Romen members. Drawn from a vast repertoire originating in Eastern and Western Europe and enriched by jazz, Jewish, and Latino styles, this music is modern, innovative, fresh and often deeply emotional.

The Via Romen band consists of Vadim Kolpakov (Russian seven-string guitar, dance and vocals), Arkadiy Gips(violin and backup vocals), Eugenia Zolotariova (vocals), and Petra Gelbart (vocals, percussion). In addition, Via Romen features dancer and choreographer Marina Shanefelter, virtuoso accordionist Sergiu Popa and other guest artists.

Two of the performers, Vadim Kolpakov and Arkadiy Gips, were part of Madonna’s “Sticky & Sweet” 2008/2009 world tour as members of the Kolpakov Trio.

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