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Gypsy Soul

“Gypsy Soul” is an entertaining, educational, and inspirational show – a definite must-see exploration of Romani (“Gypsy") culture. Western cultures aren’t typically aware that Romani people (or Roma) are an ethnic group who migrated from India across the Middle East and Europe for a thousand years. Often portrayed as exotic, mysterious and strange outsiders, the Roma have faced oppression and persecution for centuries. As a matter of survival, the Roma were continuously on the move. Much of what is known today of the Romani’s rich traditions comes through their singing, music and dance. The outstanding show “Gypsy Soul" is an insight into ancient, traditional Romani culture through fabulous musicians, singers and dancers. It will take you on an incredible adventure through different times and countries.


Enjoy a mesmerizing musical and dance venture along the Romani (“Gypsy”) Trail at Gypsy Soul – A Thousand Year’s Journey. Featuring a cast of internationally acclaimed musicians, vocalist and dancers from around the world, including Charlotte’s own Vandim Kolpakov and his VS Guitar Duo, this innovative show tells the fascinating stories of the Romani people and their remarkable migration from India to Europe. Let Gypsy Soul, with its unique storytelling, take you on a cultural journey in the intimate Booth Playhouse. Produced and co-created by Blumenthal Performing Arts and VS Guitar Duo, Gypsy Soul – A Thousand Year’s Journey was created in Charlotte.


This project features amazing international artists from Brazil, India, Moldova, Russia and Estonia, and it presents Romani (Gypsy) history and music from different parts of the world, from India to Russia. VS Guitar Duo is a unique duet consisting of Vadim Kolpakov, the famous seven-string guitarist and special guest artist of Madonna’s “Sticky & Sweet" world tour, along with his nephew, virtuoso guitarist Sasha Kolpakov. These two musicians continue the tradition of the famous Kolpakov family’s Russian-Gypsy artistic dynasty, which is already in the third generation. Vadim and Sasha Kolpakov unite music from different parts of the world and conquer the hearts of audiences with incendiary melodies and dances that originated centuries ago in the Romani camps of Russia and Europe. The VS Guitar Duo program combines music from different areas, including Romani (Gypsy) music from Russia, India, and Western and Eastern Europe such as Gypsy jazz and Spanish flamenco. The VS Guitar Duo play concerts all over the world with invariable success. Their colorful performances delight spectators with a unique combination of Roma-Gypsy traditions and modern sound. They have performed extensively in the US, Canada, Europe, Russia and Singapore.


The VS Guitar Duo always gets a great response and standing ovations. The musicians are permanent residents of the unique music festivals in the U.S., such as Tosco Music Party, Gypsy Fest, and Iargus. They have collaborated with the Musical Connection production company and the Charlotte Ballet. The duo were invited as special guests for performances at international radio stations, including Radio VERA (Canada), The END Radio (USA), KBOO Community Radio (USA), and others. In March 2017, the VS Guitar Duo released a debut album titled "Under Cover," which collected the best world hits in their own interpretation. The CD sells with great success internationally. For information, please visit

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